Balcony Safety Nets
Balcony is the place where one can relax and enjoy the fresh air. Nets are installed over the open area of balcony and staircases.The balcony safety screens are solid and nylon string shaded offering complete security. It is installed around windows and balconies offering security and it does not compromise the ventilation part.
Sports Nets
Sports safety nets are utilized in playground area , to restrict the ball to go out from the border and to restrict the spectators from entering the ground. Sports practice nets are utilized for practice premises for both outdoor and indoor games. These are installed in schools, playgrounds, sports clubs and other recreational grounds.
Anti Pigeon/Bird Nets
Many of us face the issue of pigeons and other birds entering apartments, factories, hotels and hospitals. Pigeons droppings have been found in many of the places causing unpleasant environment. We make strong net to ward off pigeons from entering the house and making it dirty. Building Construction Safety Net These nets are very useful for the construction workers who work at tall structures. These items are installed in the development, building and assembling enterprises. These safety nets are installed under the work area to decrease the injuries in case any construction worker falls off from high rise building. Construction Safety nets are tough and manufactured to be tough, as we understand the importance of human life.
Coconut fall protection net
Coconut Safety net safeguards the people and vehicles and prevent coconuts falling from trees at any time.This accident prone area is made secure by installing safety net and the product is specially woven by our professionals, who have high technical knowledge and experience to produce these nets.